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It´s an affair of the heart to us, to have an exchange with artists and to inspire each other. Especially in their early years, artists depend on nurturing support so they may develop their artistic independence – we are happy to promote this with showing various artwork and exhibitions in our rooms. In this way, we want to create more free space for a vibrant and creative art scene.


EVENING EVENT Friday, March 13th, 2020 starting 6pm at the Heckhaus, Luisenstrasse 55.

On the occasion of the MCBW we invite you to the opening of our new premises – together with our partners in the area, the Dutch architects of ‚Powerhouse Company‘ and a friendly agency for communication design, the team of ‚Das Formt‘.  We‘ll design the evening with exciting lectures and take a stand on the position from the perspective of architecture, interior and design – focusing on the following context: In increasingly digital times there is a great longing for real experience and things to touch. How do we manage to amaze people again with our concepts? We develop statements in three-dimensional space through our designs and implementations and want to make the ‚Magical Moment‘ tangible.

A brief look at the MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week):
It is now one of the largest design events in Germany and takes place every year in Munich. It comprises around 200 events, most of which are free and open to everyone. With over 60 creative venues throughout the city and over 60,000 visitors, the MCBW is a permanent fixture in the calendar of the most  important pioneers and artists, but also of the up-and-coming creative talents of the international design scene. The motto „Design Unites“ is the guiding principle and is implemented in Munich over a whole week.

Further information about the event and our speakers can be found here: www.mcbw.de 


We give young artists and designers the opportunity to showcase their work in our windows. Currently you can see parts of Designer Patrik Grafs work. His design of the backpack “Trag” has been created within the project H3, which combines good design, local crafts and the teamwork with refugees. H3 stands for “Hand in Hand in Hand” and shows the significance of every single part of the project. The construction of the clock “Raumzeit” shows only a sequence of two hours before and after the current time. This attracts the viewers attention only to the current time. The statically clock face creates the space for an ongoing plate of time. The result is “Raumzeit”, which means “Spacetime”. You can find the latest progress of Patrik Grafs projects on www.patrikgrafprojekte.com

CUBIT Showroom in Heckhaus and Creative Spot at the MCBW

In cooperation with the beautiful furniture manufacturer Cubit, we have staged our showroom for over two years and also opened it as a creative spot for visitors to the MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week). Business Week is Germany’s largest design week and has been taking place throughout Munich for several years. At the event, we presented our showroom and the variety and versatility of Cubit’s modular furniture systems; a young, dynamic label with high standards of aesthetics and functionality.

The temporary brand room is unfortunately no longer open – we would like to thank Cubit for the good cooperation! If you have any questions, please contact the team at: www.cubit-shop.com

AED NEULAND – A MCBW exhibition

The exhibition titled aed neuland – contest for young designers will showcase the work of the winners and the nominees for the contest sponsored by aed in cooperation with Karl Schlecht Foundation. aed neuland has been designed as a platform for particularly skilled young designers with the goal of fostering innovative and sustainable design. aed neuland

Schaufenster Heckhaus MCBW München

 Emanuel Fanslau – Europe

New artworks again brighten our premises! After the exhibition at Maximiliansforum in Munich, the “Europa” light object is on display in Heckhaus from November 2013 to February 2014. The art object is divided into a pattern of rectangles and triangles. Coloured lights can individually illuminate each of the 48 fields. Totally abstract compositions alternate with representations of genuinely existing European national flags, which are then either dissolved or coloured anew. The result is a rhythmic play between real flags and abstract compositions, i.e. between political statement and concrete abstraction. Created by the artist Emanuel Fanslau, the “Europa” exhibition can be viewed on our premises whenever desired!


The basic idea represents the fascination of moving from two dimensions to three dimensions in combination with light and shadow. The creation story happens in the two street-side windows and reveals the final result in the centre. White and individually coloured origami cranes fly in a large dense flock from our windowed façade into the interior of our agency. The gentle movements of the paper birds create a tranquil overall image that fills the space.

Acrylic Painting

Artist Yuliia Koval breathed new life into our conference room with acrylic paint applied directly to the wall. The superb – and unique – work of art was inspired by the atmosphere and subjective emotions associated with our office. Yuliia Koval | Photos: Klaus Mauz

My First, My Last, My Everything

The artist Yuliia Koval is transforming our agency into a colorful paradise for the second time. Yuliia skillfully steers the process of art, pushing its boundaries as she endeavors to create rhythmic structures in a controllable manner. This time she is creating a perfect atmosphere in the entrance hall by solely concentrating on one color – pink – which, luckily, matches the existing picture in the conference room. The wall on which the picture is placed provides inspiration through its surface structure and its spatial environment, with which it interacts and communicates. Yuliia Koval currently exhibits in Singapur and her work will soon be coming to Nuremberg and Kiev. Yuliia Koval | Photos: Peter Neusser

Counting Numbers – Max Scholz

The count’s down: As an electro-motor sculptor, as Max Scholz calls himself, he deals with numbers – the world as a number. Electronic digital counters counting from 0-999, each at a different speed. Here’s a quote from Isidor of Seville: “Take the number from everything – and everything disintegrates! Max Scholz | Photos: Constantin Meyer

Rolling Lawn – Max Scholz

A different kind of Rolling Lawn. The metallic electrokinetic wall object, featuring a fan belt with model-making lawn, adds movement to the wall – and to our minds.  Max Scholz | Photos: Constantin Meyer

Motor Clouds Dynamo – Max Scholz

In his highly imaginative creations, artist Max Scholz expresses his fascination for architecture and for space travel through various creative pieces themed “experiencing space”. One of these kinetic light objects, entitled Motor Clouds Dynamo, can be seen in the “Heckhaus”. This object was recently exhibited at the “tease art fair” for contemporary art in Cologne. Max Scholz | Photos: Constantin Meyer

Power Plant

The artist uses our windows to bring the concept of “repetition and variation” to life. Since then, the facade has been alive with movement, and passers-by and staff alike have stopped to look on in amazement. Inspired by the season, ice fronds grow and fade in a special way. Not because of frost and cold like they normally do. No, these ones are large-scale creations out of air and translucent plastic. The pieces are all 3 metres high and are connected with each other across three large plate glass windows. These “plants” are filled with air by a fan which turns on and off via a timer. Each feathery growth unfurls to full size, one after another, along the length of the facade, only to sink back into nothingness a few minutes later. But no two are ever the same. The constant, unchanging rhythm allows a living process of regeneration to take place over and over again. The choice and handling of the blue material also create a unique effect. Plastic that is industrially produced and intended for everyday use assumes a totally new role. The organic patterns have no connection with the material’s original purpose; instead, it is transformed into three-dimensional shapes which effortlessly fuse a feeling for volume with a sense of weightlessness. Emilia: “In one way, art is always a mirror for the person looking at it. The viewer sees their own interpretation, aspects which are important to them in that particular moment. They are not shaped by a precise definition. Instead, it is the process in itself which defines them.” emilia-scharfe.de

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