Power Plant

The artist uses our windows to bring the concept of “repetition and variation” to life. Since then, the facade has been alive with movement, and passers-by and staff alike have stopped to look on in amazement. Inspired by the season, ice fronds grow and fade in a special way. Not because of frost and cold like they normally do. No, these ones are large-scale creations out of air and translucent plastic. The pieces are all 3 metres high and are connected with each other across three large plate glass windows. These “plants” are filled with air by a fan which turns on and off via a timer. Each feathery growth unfurls to full size, one after another, along the length of the facade, only to sink back into nothingness a few minutes later. But no two are ever the same. The constant, unchanging rhythm allows a living process of regeneration to take place over and over again. The choice and handling of the blue material also create a unique effect. Plastic that is industrially produced and intended for everyday use assumes a totally new role. The organic patterns have no connection with the material’s original purpose; instead, it is transformed into three-dimensional shapes which effortlessly fuse a feeling for volume with a sense of weightlessness. Emilia: “In one way, art is always a mirror for the person looking at it. The viewer sees their own interpretation, aspects which are important to them in that particular moment. They are not shaped by a precise definition. Instead, it is the process in itself which defines them.” emilia-scharfe.de

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