Overview of our services
and design disciplines

We are an design agency dealing with companies and media firms,
focusing on the conception of corporate architecture.
We handle the planning and implementation of your projects and deliver impressive and convincing statements for your space. Our work is varied but always centred around spatial design, with the appropriate implementation of everything from small displays through to large trade fair stands or retail outlets. Here, the initial visualisation stage is always used as a springboard for further ideas and the decision-making process, which we work on together with the customer.

Corporate Architecture

Theoretically speaking, when brands are developed and positioned, they take on an architecture all of their own. Heckhaus’ corporate architecture does the same in practice. We make these spaces a reality: the consumer steps into distinctive environments and experiences unique products.

Here, the promises made in print, on TV, YouTube and social media are brought to life. Discovering the brand physically, moving around in it – this is what turns a consumer into a fan. We know that e-commerce puts distance between the product and the consumer, who is after all a human being.

Our corporate architecture fulfils their desire to have a closer connection to the brand. It might be a rock concert, a fairy tale forest, or a ballroom… the brand performs in exactly the way the marketing, sales and communications teams conceived it. Heckhaus focuses on its customers’ corporate image and translates it into three dimensions. This is where classic shopfitting comes into play, as our team demonstrate their expert craftsmanship.

Retail Design

Retail design from Heckhaus creates unique oases in the consumer world. After all, warehouses, concept stores and markets are all still thriving. Once inside your store, customers want to be taken on a journey and entertained in a relaxed environment. Retail design from Heckhaus gives off just the right signals to ensure they come to you. Everything communicated by your corporate image and advertising is made real here, in a way you can see, feel and hear.

Our designers and interior architects elaborate on the branding theme and draw the customer towards the product through clearly defined spaces, providing strong motivation to purchase. What’s more, seasonal shifts and practical handling are taken into account during planning. Our modular concepts are extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit your enhanced marketing strategy. Not only is this approach sustainable, it also takes the worry out of the process, not least for those working on site. We have a feel for service. How do staff move around the space? Can goods easily be stored and re-sorted? Germany is sometimes described as a ‘service wasteland’. But if the environment is right, shopping can be a real pleasure for all involved. And speaking of wasteland, those who complain about the death of the town centre have failed to grasp the current prevailing trend.

Online shopping needs a strong in-store presence – and showrooms are the answer, giving shoppers the opportunity to browse without feeling under pressure to make a purchase. The role of store staff is changing from that of a stressed salesman to a relaxed advisor; this calls for a whole new skill set. Modern stores are well-being hotspots and your brand can be a part of it. We’ll make sure of it! Contact us to find out how.

Visual Merchandising

When we here at Heckhaus devise a new display, we try to abide by the rule: ‘small space, maximum impact’.

The product and the way it is presented should form an entity which is endlessly fascinating. We achieve this by setting the scene for innovations and promotions within existing retail concepts, or creating eye-catching displays to grab attention at any POS. Shape, colour, material – every aspect is tailored to the product’s core message and is highly functional.

We have mastered the art of delivering a focused commercial message for a wide range of customers. Browse through a few examples below or alternatively, contact our designer directly


Trade fair stands vie for your attention. A trade fair is an exceptional occasion.

Heckhaus is aware of this and knows how to exploit this unique energy. We assess every project from the perspective of the visitor and the exhibitor. Where will your eyes meet? This is the first spark for positive exchanges at a trade fair and we ensure the environment is just right. We are just as good at conveying a company’s image as we are product innovations. What is the objective behind your trade fair appearance? We listen to your goals and make them a reality, in line with your corporate identity or campaign. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role here.

We work with our customers to develop trade fair stands that can be used over and over again in a variety of spaces, extended or compact. And what about show time? No problem. Whether it’s a trade fair, exclusive location or in-house, Heckhaus events create an emotional connection with the customer. We design spaces with atmosphere, allowing your event to leave a lasting impression on your guests. And it goes without saying that we will handle all of the technical details and safety requirements for electricity, water and lighting.

Set Design

Set design – where it all began. When Jaromin Heckhaus founded the company that bears his name in 1992, he and his specialist team began by creating environments for TV.

The success and experience garnered here led to the development of further skills such as corporate architecture, retail design, visual merchandising and trade fair and event design, but whatever shape our evolution has taken, we remain passionate about set design. Whether for print or the moving image: top set design transcends the two-dimensionality of a book or screen and draws the viewer right into the action. This is Heckhaus’ speciality. Lending depth to the superficial.

And what happens in the room? The viewer is guided by exaggerations, accents and signals, as the performer and the message come into their own. We implement the historical and the futuristic with attention to detail, always keeping your corporate image in mind. Our designers are currently grappling with the subject of augmented reality. So what does the future hold? That’s up to you and us. Speak to us and we will help you develop your ideas.