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RODENSTOCK – Perfect Vision Tour Europe

heckhaus_specific_project_redline_headline-15Glasses are like a tailor-made suit: They fit perfectly, if they are customized. To ensure this perfect adaption, our client RODENSTOCK generates innovative technologies to survey the eyes’ visual potential and the perfect fit of glasses. In celebration of 140 years, RODENSTOCK, our client provides this technology to interested opticians. An exclusive promotion-van is touring through Europe as part of the Perfect Vision Tour. Heckhaus created the van’s interiors. An ideal placement of the RODENSTOCK surveying instruments: DNEye®Scanner 2+ and ImpressionIST® 4, and an overall design concept were made by Heckhaus. Like the RODENSTOCK Competence Stores – a concept for optician shops – the Design relates to the company’s Corporate Identity. The development was shortly implemented in early 2017, with original store material.

rodenstock perfect vision tour van
rodenstock perfect vision tour van