Museum Villa Stuck

Corporate Architecture

Furniture Conception | Youthroom



The Villa Stuck is a meeting place of national and international reputation presenting art from the 19th to the 21st century. For the new interior design of the Youth-Room we created furniture reflecting the extraordinary claim of the room, as they are easily and in a breath height-adjustable and therefore equally work for both kids and adults. Fränzchen – Youth-Room at the Villa Stuck, Munich. Lightweight wood (maritime pine) was used intentionally for the designed furniture, as accentuated color a specific yellow was introduced as washable laminate. The wooden surface can serve as workbench, whereas the laminated side could be used as drawing panel. Naturally colored felt is builds the basis for the cushions of the stool and the bench. We are very happy about the successful combination of the two different room re-designs by Holzrausch and Heckhaus.