in Cooperation with Designschule München


We have created a filming project in close collaboration with the graduation class of the Designschule München that has specialized in the field “motion picture”. Soon you will be able to see the surprising results on our homepage! In five animated and unique movies, which were created under the supervision of the lecturers Markus Jahn and Johannes Karl, the students expressed their views on our business and our working methods as a design agency. Their creative brainstorming and realization happened after they had been able to look behind the curtains at Heckhaus. The students placed emphasis on the development of ideas, the decision which resources would be needed and the free design of the movie. We were especially happy to get the assistance of our partner Studio Mischwerk ( who has helped us with the scoring of the pictures Enrico Coromines, and to get the help of the popular actors Thomas Wenke ( and Constanze Lindner ( to work on our script. We greatly thank the Design School of Munich for the enjoyable teamwork and the successful collaboration. (