Retail Design



heckhaus_specific_project_redline_headline-15It´s happening: NEW POP UP STORE from Ecco now in Dusseldorf! We were happy to design and built the concept for the new store with about 120qm sales area.  Dusseldorfs city center, next to the famous Kö – that is the new spot, where happy clients can experience the danish shoe label and “Danske hygge”.  The handcraft aspect of the family business and the brand´s philosophy and values, are the focus of the design. This is mirrored in the choice of material like spruce wood, soft leather and a warm light concept. The latest photo campaign can be seen in the additional picture design inside the shop and at the exterior facade.

ecco shop - Strassenansicht
ecco Aktionsfläche
ecco stylischer shop mit Sofa