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CAMPARI – Munich

heckhaus_specific_project_redline_headline-15Design, un po’ più forte! When Campari Deutschland GmbH decided its company headquarter in Munich needed a complete overhaul, they took inspiration from Camillo Negroni’s once famous order at Café Casoni in Florence for the brief they submitted to the creative masterminds at Heckhaus. What they were ultimately looking for was a design that exuded power and strength. At the heart of the concept is the desire for a professional bar integrated into an office lounge. The place should be light, bright and airy, providing employees and visitors alike with a space for sparkling conversation and efficient meetings. And whether it’s in the brand new meeting room, at the huge table, or even at the bar, there’s always somewhere to enjoy a drink after a hard day’s work. In a second phase of construction, the overall concept we have developed will be extended to other rooms in the Headquarter Germany. This year’s focus will again be on rooms and places where personal contacts between employees and employees and customers are established. CafeBar, kitchen and the’ casino’ which is also used for catering and events, get a fresh CAMPARI touch.

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Campari Lichtwand / Regal